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Welcome to the wiki for the Non Aligned Technologies Movement. This is very much a work in progress.

NATM is a movement for the purposeful implementation of digital technologies in a way that affirms each community's power of self determination and governance. We are a worldwide alliance of civil society organizations (in collaboration with allied players from the public and private sector) that seek to define and claim technosocial spaces beyond the profit-motivated model of Silicon Valley and the control-motivated model of the Chinese Communist Party, the two centers of power of a new colonial extractivist order [1]. NATM does not presume to offer a single solution to the problem of data colonialism [2] [3]; instead it seeks to promote a collection of models and platforms that allow communities to articulate their own approaches to decolonization.

For a quick introduction, please read The case for a digital non-aligned movement and To fight data colonialism, we need a Non-Aligned Tech Movement. Other suggested readings are listed here.

To learn how you can get involved, read our About page.

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Our Principles

  1. Data extraction is illegitimate. There is nothing normal about using data to control us or sell our lives back to us.
  2. Speed cannot circumvent ethics. Civil society —not governments or businesses— should be the first and last authority in deciding if a technology should exist.
  3. Saying "No" is a practical solution. A clean and quick break from extractive technologies is not possible, but a collective statement of refusal is an important first step.
  4. Other platforms are possible. Alternatives exist. We need to promote the use of non-extractive digital media platforms and support their implementation by our member communities.
  5. One voice, multiple solutions. While our communities might have different goals and agendas, we need to act as a global coalition to enforce the regulation, taxation and eventual elimination of extractive technologies.

Basic Documents

Working Groups


Our first planning meeting took place on November 24/25, 2020.

Stay tuned for more information about our first global conference in 2022.


To list your organization, join the wiki and enter your details in the corresponding page.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board (coming soon) helps us coordinate the activities of NATM.