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Please help us define for the following terms, or enter new ones you think we need to define.

Data Colonialism[edit]

(cf Couldry and Mejias, 2019)

Decolonizing Data[edit]

Extractive Technologies[edit]

Non-Extractive or Non-Aligned Technologies[edit]

Non-extractive or non-aligned technologies refers to free software, which has the four fundamental software freedoms: freedom in using the software, freedom to modify it, freedom to distribute it, and freedom to distribute modified copies. This wiki is itself running on free software. This software empowers the non-aligned community and neither GAFAM (US) nor BATX (PRChina) can prevent this.

Non-Aligned Community[edit]

The non-aligned online community consists of communities running servers on the Internet that are federated rather than centralised, and beyond the control of GAFAM and BATX. As of September 2020, lists of these existing communities include:

Social networking[edit]

The decentralised, federated network of online social networks that avoids the Facebook/Twitter/Weibao oligopoly is called the Fediverse. Any server using any software package (such as Mastodon) compatible with the ActivityPub protocol can be linked in to the Fediverse. Local communities choose policies of moderation and which other servers to connect to or block.